Access to business, trade, commerce and statistical information derived from Governmental agencies and data.

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Government Docs and Statistical Sources

Almanac of the 50 States (REF HA203 A5)

California Business Portal Web site from the California Secretary of State. Locate procedural and regulatory information on how to file for as a business in California. Locate information on business filings for corporations, business partnerships etc., trademarks and service marks, and financing statements such as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

California Statistical Abstract a compilation of data on social, economic and physical aspects of the State. Issued annually by the California Department of Finance, Financial and Economic Research Unit.

CenStats Databases From the U.S. Census Bureau. Choose by business and trade data by state, county, or place. Includes building permits, county business patterns, county demographic and economic data, international trade data, census of population and housing, census tract street locator, occupational data.

Census Bureau Demographic and economic statistics.

Census Bureau. California State Data Centers.
The regional planning centers for California demographic, economic, and transportation data.

County and Zip Code Business Patterns--Released 9/16/05
You will need to know your NAIC Industry codes to use this CenStats database. Find number of business establishments, employment and payroll. Calculate market share, competition or business customers.
CSUSM Government Documents page
Also includes links to various government information pages on the internet.

Demographics for Business Research
Selected demographic websites identified by Gary W. White and Peter Linberger, "Demographic Data Sources on the Internet: a Selective Guide". Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship, 5 (2), 1999.

E-stats Measuring the Electronic Economy
E-Commerce measurements for manufacturing, sales, service industries.

Federal Reserve System
Find monetary policy, banking and regulatory information, consumer and community affairs. Also find banking and economic surveys and statistical tables including exchange rates.

The window on the full range of official statistical information available to the public from the Federal Government.

A U.S. goverment search tool with links to federal, state, and municipal government web sites.
A federal government web portal for geographic and spatial thematic maps and data.

Google Uncle Sam
Using Google's search engine to locate government and military sites.

GPO Access Business Topics
Federal Government links useful to business research. Especially useful for regulations and pending legislation.

IPEDS Database
From the National Center for Education Statistics. IPEDS Database provides a comprehensive listing of U.S. Universities categorized by school name, location and student populations.

San Diego County Statistics
From the county of San Diego website.

SanDAG San Diego Association of Governments
San Diego County's land use and transportation planning agency. Look especially at the Resources section / Maps and GIS / Interactive Maps / Redi for forecasting models.

State of California
Official Web Site

Stat-USA like Economy and Business database adapted by Univ. of Central Florida Libraries

State Rankings: A statistical view of the 50 United States (REF HA203 U17)

Statistical Forecasts of the United States (REF HC106.8 S7357)
Survey of Current Business  Monthly report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis

Trademarks and Patents

U. S. Dept. of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. Dept. of Transportation

United States Decennial Censuses: General Research Guide--Census of Population, Census of Housing
Mississippi State University Library has put this helpful guide to researching census data on housing and population characteristi