State Demographics


San Diego County California Assoc. for Local Economic Development
Demographics, occupations, labor, industry facts

State Data Center Program
According to the US census bureau page: "The SDCs are official sources of demographic, economic, and social statistics produced the the Census Bureau." You will find data for all states. The five data centers for California are also listed in a separate entry on this page.

Federal Demographics

American Factfinder
Features most commonly asked US Census questions. Try the feature "Enter a Street Address", then click "Explain Census Geography" to see how the Census Bureau uses geographic types such as tracks, blocks, or traffic analysis zones.

Bureau of the Census
Locate statistics for population, business, geographic, and economic. Includes news and special topics features.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The BLS is an independent national agency that collects and analyzes labor economic statistics. The data is supplied by the Current Population Survey and Current Employment Statistics, which result form collaboration between BLS and the Census Bureau.

Consumer Expenditure Survey
From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, buying habits, income, and consumer and household characteristics. Occasion research reports, such as young singles, and cell phone services.

County Business Patterns

Available from the U.S. Census Bureau, Country Business patterns is an annual series providing economic data by geographic area and industry. Data are extracted from the Business Register, Annual Company Organization Survey, Economic Census, Annual Survey of Manufactures, Current Business Survey, administrative records of the IRS, Social Security Administration and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Current Population Statistics

The CPS is conducted by the Bureau of the Census for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is a primary source of information for the U.S. labor force. Most data are available through FERRET (Federal Electronic Research and Review Extraction Tool) which will send data requests to users via e-mail. This is a good source for those interested in examining economic indicators. Economic and Financial Data Guide (UCSD)
University of California, San Diego. Data on the Net is one of the most impressive collection of social science data available on the Net. Compiled and managed at the UCSD, data on the Net provides access and links to many governmental and non-governmental sources of demographic data.

First place to search for information about and compiled by the federal government. Find contact and statistical reports

Statistical Abstract of the United States
An annual U.S. government publication contains social and economic statistics for the US, as well as selected international data. Locate tables for population, vital statistics, education, energy, and agriculture.

U.S. Census Briefs 2000
Provide an analysis of population by race and other demographics such as housing costs, education, and geographical distribution.

U-Haul PR -- U-Haul National Migration Trend Report
This report is based on internal data gathered from U-Haul destination movement of rental trucks. A press release from U-Haul PR web site is issued every mid-March.

White House Briefing Room
The White House Briefing Room is a good source for locating popular economic and demographic information from various government agencies. The SSBR Demographic link is divided into four sections: Crime, Demographic, Education, and Health Statistics.

U.S. Census International Programs Center
Provides access to a wide variety of international demographic data. The International Data Base allows users to view data by country name, with a current year and 2010 outlook.

World Bank
The WorldBank’s homepage has a link to “Data” providing users with access to demographic information on a wide variety of subjects including education, health, income, life expectancy, mortality, population, and economic information.

World Factbook (CIA)
Users can either select the first letter of the country’s name or scroll down to select a country. Demographic subjects include population, age, population growth rate, birth and death rates, sex ratios, and literacy rates, etc.

Lifestyle and Marketing Demographics

Demo dirt Demographic trends, data and analysis blog
Covers Gen Z, Y, X, Boomers, Matures, men, women, race, affluent, gay and lesbian

Zip Code look up for demographics and lifestyles

Community Information by Zip Code
Population, Education, Health, Environment, Business, Political, brought to you our colleagues at CSU Northridge Library.

ESRI Business Information Solutions
Locate demographics and forecasts, using data and mapping solutions.

Lifestyle Market Analyst (Really good book)
Consumer lifestyle statistics by metropolitan area.

MediaMark Reporter (MRI+) CSUSM authorized users only
Provides detailed consumer product purchasing and media readership and viewer-ship. Data available for national and regional areas.
Wiki for essential state stats, demographics and a strange mix of some lifestyle info but not others. Use this along with others listed here.